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How Much Water Should I Drink?

Friday, January 8th, 2016

waterThis is a question we often ask ourselves, “How much water should I drink?”  There are many factors to take into consideration when working out how much water you need to drink daily. Fluid intake needs can vary quite dramatically from one individual to another. There are many factors to be taken into account including things such as:

  1. The height and weight of the individual: Your height and weight will have a direct affect on how much you need to drink to stay hydrated. This is the main factor for each individual. The chart at the bottom of the page will give you an indication as to how much you need, however, the below 3 factors should also be taken into account.
  2. The Environment: Climates around the world vary greatly and where you live will have a direct impact on whether or not you need to increase your fluid intake. Please do not take thirst as an indicator that you need to drink, by the time you are actually thirsty your body is telling you that you are in fact already dehydrated. This is generally around the time that you will start to get a headache. This is important to know as someone living in a tropical climate would need to drink far more than someone in a cool temperate climate, they would also become dehydrated much more quickly regardless of the level of activity.
  3. Exercise and physical activity: Different types of exercise affect the body differently and can make a huge difference on how much we need to drink to replace the fluids lost when the body sweats. Exercise also causes the body to lose salts and electrolytes when we sweat so these also need to be replaced. A pinch of salt to your water will help do the trick. Do not just use any salt, sea salt  contains 84 minerals and nutrients that our body needs each and every day and will help to replace minerals that the body loses in sweat. Himalayan pink salt is wonderful too but please never, never use table salt, this has been processed and will actually do you more harm than good. This calculator will help you to work out how much extra you should drink by taking into account the type of exercise and many other factors.
  4. Health and wellness: When we are unwell we often need to increase our fluid intake. Often our temperature rises as our bodies try to fight off infection this causes a loss in bodily fluids. Sickness and diarrhoea will cause us to dehydrate quite quickly also. It is in these times we really need to ensure we keep up our fluid intake.


Weight in Kg Litres Per Day
55 2.29
60 2.5
65 2.71
70 2.92
75 3.13
80 3.33
85 3.54
90 3.75
95 3.96
100 4.17
105 4.38
110 4.58

You can work out how much you need by using the calculation below which is promoted  by  Paul Chek This is calculated on our body weight in kg’s, which is then divided by 0.024. This level of water intake works out at 1.250 litres (1250ml) for each 30kg of body weight.

Example –
A 90kg person would require 3.750 litres per day

calculated as 90kg divided by 0.024 = 3.750 litres per day

Great Flavoured Water Ideas

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Detox-waterWater is necessary for optimum health but many people don’t actually like the taste of water alone so here are a few great flavoured water ideas.

When you add natural flavours to your water you are getting the health benefits of those additional items as well as the goodness of the water. Many of the flavoured water drinks purchased from the supermarket are loaded with sugar which does your body no favours.

So here are some great flavoured water ideas for you to try.

  1. Lemon water is probably one of the most popular flavoured waters to try as it is a known fact that lemon has a wonderful detoxing effect on the body. Great for people that want to lose weight as it breaks down the fats that we have consumed.
  2. Mint is a great additive to your water, not only is it really refreshing but it also is a muscle relaxant so it will help relax those tight cramped up stomach muscles and improve the flow of bile.
  3. Apple & Cinnamon is also a great flavoured water Idea as apples are filled with vitamins and research is proving that cinnamon is known to  stabilize the  blood sugar levels which in turn  increases the metabolism of glucose.  Cinnamon helps prevent the storage of fat by lowering the blood sugar levels.

You could really use any fruit, they all have health benefits and will be much better than any artificial flavour enhancer. The really great thing about making your own flavoured water is you choose the flavour that suits you. There are so many wonderful combinations and additions. you could use any of the following or a combination.

Blueberries, raspberries, orange, lemon, lime, strawberries, cucumber, pineapple, watermelon, ginger, mint or cinnamon. Something else that is great to do is to blend up your fruit choices in a blender and then freeze them into ice cube trays like below. That way you always have something on hand to add to your water. There is nothing better than a tall glass of fruit infused water on a warm summer day.


So when your child asks for cordial next time why not make them a natural flavoured drink that won’t affect their behaviour or ruin their teeth. Even better get them to help you make the fruit cubes and they will find it exciting and fun.


Apps to help you keep track of water intake

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Most people don’t drink enough water and many say that they don’t think about drinking until they are actually thirsty. By the time you are thirsty your body has already become dehydrated. What easier way than downloading an app for your smartphone that will help keep track of your water intake and let you know when you should drink. Here are a few below.

Waterlogged – Iphone (free basic version) – Drink More Water, Track Daily Water Intake, Get Hydration Reminders. This great app keeps track of how much water you have consumed and calculates it against your daily goal. Download App



Plant Nanny Water Reminder – Iphone & Android – This cute little app was one of the best apps for 2013. These cute little plants need you to drink water to survive so like a little game which is makes drinking water fun. This has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times. Download App Iphone  –  Download App Android




Hydrate Daily – Water Log Tracker & Reminders – Iphone (Free Basic Version) – Hydrate Daily will help you form one of the most beneficial habits to have! Track your daily water intake. Set goals and accomplish them. See your progress. Keep on track with custom reminders. **Premium**Find handpicked quality gear for your hydration needs. Download App


hydrate daily



Water Drink Tracker – Iphone (Free Basic Version) – This great app allows you to input your gender, height and weight and then calculates how much water you should consume. – easy and comprehensible interface, colour identifiers of the volume of water you should drink today, statistics to track your water consumption, set reminders when to wake up and to go to bed. Download App

water drink tracker




Aqualert: Water Reminder H2O – Android

**** GOOGLE CONTEST FIRST PLACE WINNER ****    Aqualert is a water drink reminder app. Helps you to have a good water balance on your body using notification drink reminders, track of how much water you should drink. Is simple and easy making it adequate for any age.  Daily water intake calculator based on your sex, weight and activity level.  Lets you know how much water you should drink daily.  Notifications and reminders to remember you to drink water as you prefer and helping you to drink more water. Automatic bed time mode so you don’t receive reminders on the middle of the night, making it a smarter reminder.  Graphic display of your hydration level and daily consumption. Calculate how many serving of water you have left. Easy to add or remove a serving. Use our serving size or customize your serving size. Consumption Chart History so you can know your hydrated level and have all the drink water benefits. Automatic notes of why be hydrated, when you are hydrated and when you take more water than you need. –  Download App




Your Water Footprint

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

water footprintWhat is your Water Footprint? Now is the time for us all to take responsibility for how much of our resources we are each responsible for using. Many of us living in first world countries take our water supply for granted but did you know that numerous studies have shown that if we do not start conserving our water supply in the not too distant future we could also be facing shortages like many other countries in the world.

Can you imagine life without clean fresh water. That is becoming a strong possibility if we don’t start to rethink how we use each and every precious drop.

The water footprint measures how much water is used to produce the goods and services we use. It can be measured for a single process, such as growing rice, for a product, such as a pair of shoes, for the fuel we put in our car, or for an entire multi-national company. The water footprint can also tell us how much water is being consumed by a particular country – or globally – in a specific river basin or from an aquifer.

Water footprints are used much in the way that carbon footprints are used to measure climate change contributions, the water footprint gives a better picture of how water is being used. Now are you interested to see what an impact you are making on the environment with Your Water Footprint?

Find out how much water you are using with the personal water footprint calculator.

The Best Time To Drink Water

Friday, June 26th, 2015

best times to drink waterDo you know when the best time to drink water is? We are continually told that we need to drink  at least 8 glasses of water each day, but are you aware that there are specific times that drinking water could really enhance your health and help to keep your body in great shape.

1) After waking up
Drink one glass of water as soon as you  wake up this will help to activate your internal organs.  The toxins that have built up in your body overnight will be removed by the water before you consume your first meal of the day.

2) Before a meal
Drink one glass of water about 30 minutes before each meal to help digestion.  This should not be taken less than 30 minutes before a meal as it will dilute the digestive juices, this goes for drinking after the meal also.  you should ideally wait at least one hour after the meal to allow the body to absorb the nutrients.

3) Before a bath
Drinking a glass of water before taking a bath will  help to lower your blood pressure.

4) Before sleep
One glass of water an hour before bedtime will help  to replenish any fluid loss that can occur during the night while you sleep.


So if you follow these guidelines it shouldn’t be too hard to consume the eight recommended glasses each day. One glass on waking then one before each of the three meals a day then one before a bath or shower, one before bed. Together these add up to 6 glasses then you would just have to  fit another two in. Write this down and keep it on your fridge so that it will be a continual reminder to stay hydrated and it only takes about 21 days for something to actually become a habit and a natural part of your routine.

Take the 21 day challenge to become  healthier and more hydrated, your body will thank you and you will find that you have much more energy. If you find it hard to drink plain water then you could always add some lemon for a hint of flavour make sure you have a good quality water filter.

Buying Bottled Water is Not sustainable

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Bottled-Water-Life-CycleBuying bottled water is not sustainable as you will see below. Australians spend more than $500 million on bottled water each and every year. While we are all becoming much healthier and drinking more and more water, the impact on the environment is absolutely terrible. What is happening is that we are purchasing larger amounts of bottled water thinking that it is better for us and not drinking the tap water. The best thing we can do is to add a filter to our tap water and refill reusable containers and bottles. Here are some interesting facts that I found at the Cool Australia Website about the impact bottled water has on our environment.


* It takes up to seven litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water.

* A recent News Limited taste test had 68% of us liking the tap water better than bottled water. Around 20% couldn’t pick a difference.

* Tap water has 1 per cent the environmental impact of bottled water.

* Bottled water production makes 600 times more CO2 than tap water.

* Australians spent more than $500 million on bottled water last year.

* One bottle of water has the same impact on our environment as driving a car 1km.

* Most water bottles end in landfill.

* Australians drank 115 Olympic swimming pools worth of bottled water last year.

* Discarded drink bottles account for 38 per cent of the total rubbish volume.

* The average cost of a litre of tap water in Australia .001¢

* The average cost of a litre of bottled water in Australia is $2.83

* The average Australian drinks 14 litres of bottled water per year.

* Australians buy 118,000 tonnes of plastic drink bottles a year.

* It takes 8 years to recoup the cost of a bottle of water by refilling the bottle with tap water.

* Water bottlers (Coke & Schweppes) of Australia are fighting against legislation for a container deposit scheme. What? The system has worked very well in South Australia for 35 years. In 2008 the refund was increased from 5 cents to 10 cents and return rates jumped 20% from a good 70% to a brilliant 80%.

Read more here:

Why You Should Filter Your Tap Water

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

There are many reasons why you should filter your tap water. We all know that we need to drink lots of water, but did you know that the body is made up of  65% water therefore it is a necessity to keep hydrated. Water is  essential to health,  the trouble is, drinking tap or even spring water could be giving your body more than you bargained for. There are many variables in our tap water this includes things like local council regulations, water source, age of pipes, location and many other things that have an impact on the quality of water you are actually drinking. Here are a few reasons why you should filter your tap water.

TASTE AND ODOUR:  Chlorine is generally the most common cause to bad tasting water although unpleasant tastes and odours can be caused by a variety of conditions. Other factors such as high mineral content and decaying organic matter (most common in cul-de-sac sites on municipal supplies and in tank water). Carbon filters will generally improve this condition but sometimes it may be necessary to install a reverse osmosis purifier and/or ultra violet sterilizer.

HEAVY METALS: There are many heavy metals that can be present in your water supply. Combinations of mercury, sulphates, nitrates, lime, aluminium, lead, arsenic,  and other compounds can be present. All of these can be a threat to your health.

CHLORINE: Chlorine is added to water supplies to kill pathogens and bacteria. In some cases it is necessary to do so to make sure we are consuming disease free water. The problem is that it causes drinking water to have an unpleasant taste and smell, Chlorine has also been linked to  heart disease and cancer. Carbon filters will reduce chlorine and its associated taste and odour as well as giving you good, fresh tasting water. Carbon filters will also enhance the flavor of food, tea, coffee and other beverages.

BACTERIA: Bacteria can be a problem especially in tank or creek water supplies. Clean, clear, good tasting water is not an indication of bacteria free water. An ultra violet filter, complete with sediment and chemical reduction filters will provide good quality drinking water from these sources.

It makes sense, buy a filter… or be a filter

SEDIMENT: Sediment is usually only a problem in older areas where pipes are old or when there is tank systems or creek water supplies  Generally a Pre-filtration  purifier will normally take care of this problem. Sometimes a sediment reduction filter may be needed within the whole house.

CRYPTOSPORIDIUM AND GIARDIA: Cryptosporidium and Giardia may be present in any of our water supplies. Poisoning is not very nice and Symptoms of infection include stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and headaches. The effects can last up to two weeks. Cryptosporidium and Giardia can be removed from water by ultra-fine carbon filtration.

So you can see why you should always make sure that you filter your tap water.